"Tailored executive coaching is essential for businesses aiming to avoid leadership pitfalls, maximize potential, and stay ahead of the curve in an ever-changing market." - Harvard Business Review

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Sustainable success is built upon a strong foundation of strategic planning, innovative thinking, and the consistent pursuit of excellence. Revolutionise your business’s performance, create a significant competitive edge, and propel you towards your objectives and aspirations.

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Max Time – Effective Effort Management

Strategies and techniques to manage effort more efficiently and effectively to get more done in less time.

Practical techniques to optimise effort management, leading to increased productivity, reduced stress, and improved work-life balance. Gain the ability to prioritise tasks effectively, set clear goals, and make efficient use of time.

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Fearless – Supercharge Your Self-Confidence

Increase self-confidence and overcome fears holding you back in your personal or professional life.

Develop a strong sense of self-belief, enabling you to take on challenges with confidence, make bold decisions, and embrace new opportunities.

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Be the Black Hole – How to Attract Your Goals (Unconscious Goal Achievement)

Gain unconscious techniques to attract and achieve goals.

Provides the knowledge and tools to set high-level goals and unconsciously attract them with clarity and focus. Learn mindset shifts needed to align deep thinking with actions, aspirations, leading to tangible results and success.


Captivating Leader – Leadership from the Core of Your Being

Captivating Leader focuses on developing leadership skills that are rooted in one’s own being. By being you others will follow. 

Gain self-awareness, clarify their values, and align their actions with their core principles. Leading from a compelling future, inspires, builds strong relationships and creates a positive impact on teams and organisations.


Presentation Genius – Presentation Skills Used by Steve Jobs

Learn highly effective presentation skills as used by Steve Jobs.

Enhance your ability to engage, influence, and inspire audiences. Mastering impactful storytelling, persuasive delivery, and captivating visuals, you will become a confident and highly influential presenter.


Meeting Genius – Effective Meeting Skills

Gain insights and strategies for conducting effective meetings, optimising productivity, and achieving desired outcomes.

Equips you with the skills to conduct productive and efficient meetings. Learn how to set clear objectives, facilitate meaningful discussions, and ensure active participation. Meetings will become more purposeful, time-effective, and lead to actionable outcomes.


Leadership Genius – Leadership Lessons from Steve Jobs

Embody leadership lessons and principles derived from the leadership style of Steve Jobs.

Gain valuable leadership insights from Steve Jobs’ innovative approach. Learn how to inspire creativity, foster a culture of innovation, and make bold decisions to drive organisational growth and success.


Innovation Genius – Innovation Skills of Steve Jobs

Develop innovative thinking and problem-solving skills, inspired by the approach of Steve Jobs.

Think creatively, identify opportunities for innovation, and implement successful strategies to foster a culture of innovation and gain a competitive edge in the market.


Unconscious Rapport – How to Immediately Create Rapport with Others

Skills and techniques to establish rapport and build connections with others naturally and unconsciously.

Establish immediate rapport with others, fostering strong connections and positive relationships. Embody effective communication strategies, understand non-verbal cues, and embrace active and attentive listening to immediately build trust and collaborate more effectively.


Remember – How to Remember Names and Faces

Gain methods and techniques to improve memory of names and faces.

Remember names and faces effectively. Enhance you networking abilities, make lasting impressions, and strengthen professional relationships. Remembering names and faces will contribute to better communication and networking opportunities.


Breathing Fire – The Definitive Program for Unleashing Your Revenue and Profit Potential

Designed for business unleash its revenue and profit potential.

Full of tools and strategies to unleash revenue and profit potential. Learn effective revenue generation techniques, cost optimisation strategies and business growth principles. By implementing these strategies, business will maximise its business’s financial performance.


Fire Dragons – Create Your Compelling Future and Be Pulled like a Powerful Magnet to the Destiny You Choose

Focus on creating a compelling vision for the future and aligning actions to achieve that vision.

Create a compelling business vision and develop a clear roadmap to achieve it. Gain clarity on goals, tap into inner motivations and align their actions with a desired future. Be empowered to proactively shape destiny and achieve extraordinary results.


Negotiation Magic

36 Negotiation Principles, 16 Sources of Power, 21 Tactics and Counter Tactics, 37 Mistakes to Avoid

The definitive and comprehensive set of negotiation skills, principles, and strategies to make you a formidable negotiator.

Aquire comprehensive negotiation skills, including principles, sources of power, tactics, and counter-tactics. Learn effective strategies for achieving win-win outcomes, building collaborative relationships, and handling complex negotiation scenarios. Enhanced negotiation skills will result in favorable deals and improved business outcomes.


Exceptional Effort

Create Flexibility, Balance, and Maximum Achievement Each and Every Day

Exceptional Effort provides insights and tools to create flexibility, balance, and maximize personal and professional achievement.

Techniques for complaint reduction, continuous improvement, change implementation, time management, stress reduction, and goal alignment. By integrating continuous improvement principles, participants will consistently enhance their performance and achieve meaningful results.


Unbreak the System – Identifying and Fixing Broken Business Systems that Lower Profit

Identify and fix broken business systems that hinder profit and performance.

Analyse processes, identify inefficiencies, and implement effective solutions. Optimise business systems to increase productivity, reduce costs, and enhance overall profitability.


We Leadership – Creating Success Together

A New Paradigm for Sustained Success.

Combining Feminine and Masculine Traits, communication becomes highly effective, organisations obtain and retain highly valuable employees, people can start families earlier and profit security increases.

“Organizations that embrace a collaborative leadership style experience a 17% boost in overall financial performance.” – Deloitte


NEXTGENX – Innovation meets success in sales

Empower professionals and businesses to thrive in today’s dynamic market with cutting-edge sales strategies and techniques.

A focus on advanced sales techniques, collaborative strategies, and customer-centric approaches, equips you to excel from B2B, B2C, Professional, Industrial to Enterprise-level sales.

HRT Corporate

HRT Corporate – High Sensitivity Profit Power

Unlock the Power of Highly Sensitive People (HSPs) with HRT Corporate (High Responsive Training)

Embrace HSP Strength – Unlock HSP heightened creativity, attention to detail and advanced intuition.

Drive Profitability – Leverage the power of HSP businesses experience, increased innovation, productivity, and profitability. 

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